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December 31 2012


Attorney in Palm Springs handling Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, and Workers Compensation Cases

Are you in need of legal assistance with a Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, or Workers Compensation Issue? If so the Palm Springs Lawyer Kevin Cortright would be glad to assist you at his office located in Palm Springs California. Attorney Kevin Cortright offers free consultations to clients facing Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, or Workers Compensation concerns. In the comfort of Mr. Cortright’s office he will take the time to listen to your legal concern and discuss your options at resolving your issue. A detailed plan will be developed that will help elevate any legal concerns you might have regarding your legal issue. For a free consultation with Palm Springs Attorney Kevin Cortright call today and schedule your Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, or Workers Compensation consultation!

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Palm Springs handling Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Cases

If you are overwhelmed by your debt you need the assistance of a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Palm Springs handling Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Cases. Bankruptcy can be an effective tool in restricting our debt and giving you the peace of mind to know that you can again pay your bills without worrying if you have enough money. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can eliminate all of your unsecured debt including credit cards, repossessions, lawsuits, and judgments. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can make you current on your mortgage and save your home by restructuring you past due house payments. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can even in some cases eliminate second mortgages/heloc loans. Take the time to come in and meet with a Palm Springs Bankruptcy Laywer to discuss how either a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy could help your financial situation.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Palm Springs handling Auto Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Truck Accidents, and Dog Bites

A personal injury accident whether it be from auto, car, vehicle, truck or motorcycle accident can be a life changing event. When you have faced such a traumatic even you need to make sure that you’re interests are protected. Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyers in Palm Springs California to get yourself good legal advice and protection from the insurance company’s. You can be assured that as soon as the insurance company hears of your accident they will have their legal representatives formulating a defense. You need to make sure you obtain legal representation also by contacting a Palm Springs Personal Injury Attorney. Call today to schedule your free consultation regarding your personal injury, we can even come to you if that is more convenient.

Workers Compensation Attorneys in Palm Springs helping Injured Workers

Work Accidents can be devastating to both yourself personally and to your family. Every day in the Palm Springs area serious work injuries happen causing both pain and financial suffering for individuals. As a Palm Springs Workers Compensation Attorney a significant amount of my practice and staff is devoted to assisting those injured while working on the job. When you have been injured in an on the job accident you are entitled to medical care, financial reimbursement for out of pocket expenses, loss of earnings, and a disability settlement. The stakes are too high to handle a workers compensation case on your own. Insurance companies have one goal and that is to pay you as little as possible for your injury. As an experienced Palm Springs Workers Compensation Attorney I will make sure that you get every benefit and dollar that you are entitled to. I will fight the insurance company to cut through their red tape and delay tactics to make sure you are adequately compensated. Call today for a free Workers Compensation consultation at my Palm Springs Lawyer office!

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